KampusRunKampusRun Run through your campus
on the anniversary of November 17th


Online registration is over,
you can register before start

You can register yourself on place of race between 12:00 - 13:00 :)

At registration desk, you will get package with snacks and drinks
In the finnish, you will get RedBull, so do not give it up!

This year, we will use cards for time measuring. The winners ceremony will be few moments after the last racer will run through finnish.

Water and energy drink, sandwich, energy bar, sports magazine and gifts.

Weekend holiday in Beskydy mountains in Palkovické hůrky resort, buying vouchers to D-sport, free entrance to theatres in Ostrava, free entrance to X Laser game and prepaid payment card from ČSOB.

17. 11. 2016

November 17th 2016 is remembered as the International Students' Day. It doesn’t matter if you are studying, working or playing games at home. You can come and support students as well.

VŠB-TUO area

This time we won’t run to the bars, we will run around them. The beginning of our race is next to the Vrtule club. Than the track continues around the T2 Club and we will discover some outdoor places of VŠB TUO. We will also run through corridors and lecture rooms. You don’t want to miss it!


Registration is running till November 13th. Every racer will get starting package with water, sandwich, energy bar, Red Bull can and much more.

450 m
the longest corridor at the campus
3 km
the length of the whole track
31 214
the number of university students in Ostrava



If the Pokémon GO gym is the only gym you go to and workout means means nothing for you, this is the right category for you!


Do you love almost any kind of sport or workout? Show us what is in you!

We want to be fair, that means the categories are split to men and women.


The race won’t be just about your fitness condition. We’ll test your mind and other skills as well.

Changing rooms

The changing rooms and showers will be available.


After the last contestant finishes, we’ll count just minutes till the official announcement of the winners. The fastest racers will receive valuable prizes and medals.


If you’ll get thirsty or hungry, we will take care of it. There will be some drinks and snacks prepared for you. Each contestant will also get a Bombus natural energy bar!

Rádio Kolej

Start in the rythm of Radio Kolej!


SUS Ostrava

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Stavovská unie studentů Ostrava, z.s.
Hladnovská 1433/22, 710 00 Ostrava
IČO: 228 28 711

How to contact us?

For more info or questions write to:

Studentská 1770, 708 00 Ostrava

Vytvořil Pavel Láhner